Terms and Conditions

These are the basic terms you agree to when joining as a member. Full Terms and Conditions, and Society Rules and Regs can be found in the Members area once you are a full member of 6 Golfe Society.

The Society is to be called: 6 Golfe Society

Established : 6 Golfe Society was established in April 2019
President: Tony Adams MBE
Directors: Chris Ray, Howard Ridgway and John Harding

  • The day to day management of the Society shall be carried out by the Directors – Chris Ray, Howard Ridgway & John Harding (the officers’ of the Society)
  • Six Golfe is a friendly society that welcomes members and guests that wish to play friendly and competitive golf. Our competitions offer opportunities to all standards of golfers, through a variety of different competitions which will take place at various golf courses throughout Central / Western Algarve each year.
  • Our objectives for our members and their bona-fide guests, is to run society days and tournaments, to maintain a uniform system of handicapping of all members. To enjoy the golf, enjoy the company and play within the rules, but most importantly to have fun.

Membership Categories & Fees

Annual membership is available in 5 categories. The annual membership fees will go towards the running costs of the society, and help to subsidise some of the golf days. The membership period will run from 1st January to December 31st of each year, anyone joining midway through the year, will pay membership fees on a pro-rata basis.

The membership categories and annual fees are as follows:

  • Individual Membership – €50
  • Joint Membership (Husband & Wife/Partners) – €80
  • Corporate Membership – €120
  • Villa membership – €120
  • Junior membership – €25 [up to 18 years old]

Any member failing to renew their membership by 15th January will be deemed as having resigned from the Society and their membership will cease. Although they will no longer benefit from the reduced green fee rates on offer, they can still enter our competitions, but will have to pay the higher guest rate until such time that they have renewed their membership.

Anyone wishing to resign from the Society may do so at any time, although membership fees for that current year will not be refunded. In the unlikely event of a complaint being received from any Golf Club we have visited, due to a member misbehaving either on the course or in the clubhouse, one warning will be given about their behaviour. If the society receives any further complaint about the same member, they will be ejected from the Society, there being no refund of membership fees.

All ‘Individual’ and Joint’ category members will be able to bring guests along to our competitions. A guest may play in up to 3 competitions in one membership year before they have to take membership of the Society.

For new players with no proof of handicap, and entering their first competition, the Society will allocate a maximum handicap of 24 for men and 28 for ladies until a minimum of 2 completed and verified cards have been submitted and a handicap confirmed by the committee

Most of our golf days are individual Stableford competitions but occasionally, we do bring in other formats for special events and fun days such as Pairs Texas Scramble and 4 ball team Texas Scrambles.

Visitors are also welcome – the green fee rates for visitors will be displayed on our calendar. Visitors can play in up to 3 competitions per calendar year before having to take membership of the Society. All visitors will be required to pay the green fee on the day at the course with a 10€ per person competition entrance fee payable to the 6 Golfe representative. As interest in playing in our Golf events increases, we may find it difficult to get sufficient tee times to be able to accommodate all those who want to play. Should we find that we are oversubscribed for any of our events and the courses are full, then Members bookings will take precedence over guest’s and visitor’s. bookings. Where we are limited to a number of players, Member’s bookings will be dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Membership Benefits

Discounts are available at various local businesses and restaurants.  The web site will be updated when new ‘benefits’ are negotiated.

Rules / Regulations/ Code of Conduct

Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules of Golf. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be.  This is the spirit of the game of golf.

Slow play is an annoyance to players during a round of golf, and players are reminded that it is their responsibility to keep up with the group in front – not just in front of the group behind.  If there is a loss of one clear hole, players are obliged to call through the group behind.  To help combat slow play, the Society operates a ‘play when ready’ policy, although common sense and player agreement applies.

Dress Code 

6 Golfe Society has a strict dress code that requires players to be tidy at all times on the course. Gentlemen should wear suitable trousers or tailored shorts and shirts with sleeves and collar.  Ladies should wear suitable trousers skirts or shorts.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted for ladies.  Jeans are not permitted on the course at any time.

Rules Disagreement

If a player is unsure of the rules when about to play a shot, the common sense approach is that, if all playing partners are in agreement with the proposed course of action, the player should play on as normal.  If there is disagreement, the player should play the shot in the manner he / she thinks is correct and a second ball must be played in line with the views of the dissenting partner/s. (Note – the player must state prior to playing which score he wants to count if the rules allow).  Following which, the player’s score card should be endorsed with the scores obtained by both balls.  The scorecard should be referred to at least two members of the Committee for verification at the end of the round.


All competitions shall be governed by the R & A rules of play, subject to the local rules of the course over which the competition is played.
All players should be at the course to register and pay the green fee a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the first tee time.  Players should be present at the appropriate tee and ready to play 10 minutes before their tee time.

Late Cancellation from Competitions

If a society member / guest or visitor, who having booked to play in a Society competition, subsequently cancels less  within 24 hours or less before the competition, or they fail to turn up, they could be financially liable for any related fees charged by the Golf Club. The fee can be as high as the total individual member’s and/or guests green fee(s) although the Society will endeavour to mitigate these costs where possible. Repeated cancellation or failure to show will result in withdrawal of membership. It will be the Member’s / Guest’s / Visitors responsibility to contact the course to advise of the late withdrawal / no show and to pay the course directly for any green fees owed.


Six Golfe Society consider that our competitions start on the first tee and end at the conclusion of the presentation of the prizes. We are encouraged by the support shown by the vast majority of our members and guests in attending the presentations, whatever their individual score. We would, however, like to encourage all players to make every effort to attend the presentation after the day’s golf. If you know you are not able to attend we would ask that you inform the  6 Golfe competition secretary when collecting your scorecard.  The prizes for each competition will be presented to the winners at that day’s presentation. For our major events, the prize giving will take place at Vale do Milho Golf Club, Carvoeiro. Any member or guest who wins a prize and does not attend the prize giving will forfeit their prize. This prize will then be given to the player with the next best score.

Members are asked to make sure that their guests are aware of this policy


The Officers of the Club will serve as the Handicap Committee. Decisions made by the Handicap Committee shall be final.

Proof of handicap is required.  For new players with no proof of handicap, and entering their first competition, the Society will allocate a maximum handicap of 28 for men and 36 for ladies. Should proof of handicap not be given, then that person will not be entitled to win a competition until 2 cards have been submitted and their handicap adjusted accordingly. The maximum exact handicap will be 28 for men and 36 for ladies.

Our competition results and any handicap adjustments will be calculated using the HandicapMaster software, allowing us to manage our members handicaps accurately. All Members are issued with an official 6 Golfe Society Handicap which will be monitored and controlled by the Handicap Master software and our Match & Handicap Committee.

The ‘6 Golfe’ handicap will be used to calculate all competition playing handicaps against the slope and course rating / par of the course being played. All of the scorecards from our competitions will be processed through the Handicap Master software and any changes that we make to your handicap as a result of competition scores will not have a  bearing on your WHS Index. Should any Member who has an WHS Index wish to submit their cards from our competitions, then this should be made clear to their playing partners before starting the round.

6 Golfe Society –  1st November 2021